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Project epicenter

Will You give so we can continue the shockwave of church planting in Northern Nicaragua?

We’ve Hit 10.0 on the Richter Scale!

$100,000 of $100,000 Has Been Raised for PHASE #1 of Project Epicenter!

Will You Help Us Hit 10.0 for PHASE #2?

Wow! We are in the process of closing on the land for the future EPICENTER in Estelí, Nicaragua! Thanks to the donations and promises of some amazing partners we have reached a total of $100,000!

We still need $100,000 more for PHASE #2 in order to build our first Multi-Purpose Building so that we can continue the “Shockwave” of church planting in Northern Nicaragua!

Remember, the EPICENTER is not only a location for the church we’ve already planted in Estelí. It will also be the campus of a “Church Planting Base of Operations” for all of Northern Nicaragua. There are already 6 Familia Avance Churches planted in the North. Our goal is to plant 20 more churches in the next decade. The EPICENTER will give these new churches access to resources for evangelism, discipleship, and  training of future pastors and church leaders.

Your investment in Project EPICENTER is an investment in changed lives!